Our Story

Forest & Bird is New Zealand’s leading independent conservation organisation protecting and restoring our wildlife and wild places.

We're not a government organisation and do not receive government funding – we rely on the generosity of our members’ subscriptions, donations and bequests to carry out our conservation work. We're independent and that is the attribute that enables us to speak on behalf of our natural environment. We give nature a voice. We speak for all our threatened species and fragile places - from endangered Maui’s dolphins to high-country tussock-lands.

Since 1923 Forest & Bird has played a great and important role in preserving New Zealand’s environment and native species. We've helped establish protection for a third of our country’s land in parks and reserves, put an end to logging of our native forests and helped bring species such as the kakapo and kokako back from the brink of extinction.

We have grown to number 70,000 members and supporters and by enlisting the support and environmental vision of our members, our staff can bring about better legislation and policy that supports (and protects) environmental protection.

Our branch committees and members co-ordinate hand-on restoration projects, and educate people about environmental issues through our children’s club, Kiwi Conservation Club, our publications and our public awareness campaigns. They're people who care passionately about New Zealand’s unique natural environment and want to make sure that our natural treasures are protected so that they can continue to be enjoyed by future generations.Remember, we're not a government department and do not receive government funding, we're independent, and we rely on the support of the public through membership subscriptions, donations and bequests. Help us help nature.