Forest & Bird campaigns for better protection of a range of habitats, native species and natural resources on land and in our lakes, rivers and oceans.

Protect a Penguin Today

Penguins once had a safe home in New Zealand. But today they are in crisis with five of our six species now classified as threatened.
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Forest & Bird’s story: New Zealand’s story

New Zealanders have a proud history of environmental protection and we're looking forward to a bright future.
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Save Mackenzie Country

Our Mackenzie country will turn from russet brown to bright green if over a hundred irrigation proposals before Environment Canterbury go ahead.
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Sea Lions: Our Southern Pride

New Zealand is home to a large population of nursing mothers & their pups, who often fall prey to trawling operations.
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Restore our Dawn Chorus

Our forests are quieter than they used to be - this campaign aims to bring back a full choir of songbirds to our forests.
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Hector’s & Maui’s dolphins

We are campaigning to protect the world’s smallest and rarest marine dolphin, the Hector’s dolphin.
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