Important Bird Areas for New Zealand Seabirds

Important bird areas (IBAs) are internationally recognised sites that are important for bird conservation and support key species.

A Forest & Bird-led project to identify a network of globally important seabird areas across New Zealand has identified 141 sites of global significance on land and a further 69 marine IBAs.

Our four reports on important areas for New Zealand seabirds identify a network of places that are globally significant for their survival.

Legal protection, management and monitoring of these crucial sites are all important targets for action. See our FAQs for more information.

The IBA programme is global in scale and more than 12,000 IBAs have already been identified worldwide, using standard, internationally recognised criteria for selection.

We believe these reports will give community groups, the Department of Conservation, law-makers, politicians, iwi groups and councils a useful guide as to where our seabirds breed and feed, so we can ensure their protection.

Download the reports