Jacqui is a founding trustee of the Monarch Butterfly New Zealand Trust (MBNZT).

I strongly oppose the proposed “sustainable harvesting” of native forest on land owned by Grey District Council and would like the application to log reserves at Mt Buckley, Mt Sewell a

I support rigorous standards for our rivers and lakes that ensure they are swimmable, and ecologically healthy.

Dear John Key,

The NZ sea lion Threat Management Plan should aim to return the NZ sea lion population to non-threatened status, in-line with the Marine Mammal Protection act 1978. 1.

Submission: The plan does not establish objectives for the management of the natural resources of the Park and thus does not give clear direction to the managers, much is left open to interpretatio

14 Dec 2015

Paula Bennett, the incoming climate change minister, has a big challenge to match the ambition of the Paris Agreement by increasing New Zealand’s efforts to prevent climate

Dear Dinah,