Stocker Scholarship

 This grant offers research support for post-graduate students at the University of Canterbury and Lincoln University undertaking conservation or environmental related projects in Canterbury.

The grants are intended to help with, for example, the purchase of equipment, costs of laboratory tests or travel to carry out field work.

Please send a summary of your project including its aims and how you will use any grant from the Stocker Fund.

Value: Up to $3000
Tenure: One year
Closes: 30th September annually
NB: There is no specific application form for this award.

For further information or to apply contact the Ainslie Talbot, treasurer, North Canterbury Branch, Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society Inc. Tel: 355 4409


Click here to read an article on the foraging behaviour of Hutton's Shearwater by Della Bennet, one of the 2014 winners.