Motu Manawa Restoration Group

Godwits of Pollen Island Marine Reserve

Forest & Bird Motu Manawa Restoration Group 
- A F&B Joint Project

The Central Auckland and Waitakere branches of Forest & Bird have officially banded together to form the Forest and Bird Motu Manawa Restoration Group (FBMMRG) as a joint venture conservation project.  (See us on Nature Space)

FBMMRG is exclusively focused on managing conservation issues in the Waterview Inlet of Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour. This area includes:

FBMMRG’s activities include:

  1. Providing information on conservation issues affecting the Waterview Inlet
  2. Organising field trips and walks to Pollen Island and Traherne Island
  3. Co-ordinating volunteer teams for predator control (rats, mice, stoats) on Traherne Island in partnership with the Auckland Motorway Alliance (AMA), Nov 2010 - Jan 2012. photos
  4. Prepared submissions for and gave evidence to the Board of Inquiry on the Waterview Connection Project
  5. Lobbying for extension of the Motu Manawa (Pollen Island) Marine Reserve to preserve the similar habitat of the Eastern coastline foreshore and seabed of Te Atatu Peninsula at Harbourview-Orangihina. We have started a predator control trapline since July 2012 with Auckland Council.
  6. Support to Friends of the Whau for Rosebank Peninsula predator control.
  7. Participate Auckland Council's predator control at Eric Armishaw Reserve Pt Chev - contact Bryan & Paul. See the Pest Report done by Erin Patterson prepared for Auckland Council 2012. 
  8. Liasing with the Department of Conservation concerning the long-term management of the Waterview Inlet area, with specific attention to:
  • Water quality, particularly stormwater discharge, pollution, and sedimentation in the marine reserve
  • Enhancing the natural environment to the benefit of the area’s avifauna, including migratory birds, fernbirds (Pollen Island), and banded rails (Traherne Island)
  • The same for its marine life and native reptile and insect species
  • Protecting and nurturing the area’s significant biodiversity of New Zealand native plants
  • Permanent weed and predator control programmes on Pollen Island
  • Improved public access so that people can better appreciate the natural environment and undertake educational and scientific projects in the area

Spoonbills Pollen Island(Spoonbills feeding on Pollen Island shoreline, credit Kent Xie - Nov 2011)

To become involved with FBMMRG, please contact either:

 Harbourview Fernbird

Fernbird colony @ Harbourview Reserve, eastern shoreline of Te Atatu Peninsula
Credit: Kent Xie - Jan 2012