Planting Day at Raumati South School 2011

Planting Day 29 June 2011

The latest phase in the schools landscaping project saw around 250 trees planted by the children on Wednesday 29 June. With this recent effort the hillside on the schools north boundary is being transformed from a dull grassy slope with the odd Eucalyptus etc. to an eco-friendly haven of New Zealand native trees. On the day, each group of children was given a range of trees labelled with their class number so they could follow the progress of their planting. Some children even opted to sponsor a tree they had planted and labelled it with their name. The first photo shows Aden O’Connor proudly standing behind the tree he sponsored.


                             Here we see Emma, Olivia and Rose with a tree they planted.


Following on from Planting Day the children of class eight were each asked to write a poem.

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