Batty Field Trip

Led by Catriona Gower, Bat Lady supreme

In Catriona's words:

Carpool from Botany Dept carpark, leaving at 6:45pm or go direct to the Sinclair Wetlands Centre where we will all meet at 8pm.

I will then assess how many 'we' are, organise groups for carpooling, give hi viz jackets detectors, survey forms and go over some training info for what we are doing and why!

The aim will be:

  • learn how to use detectors
  • learn how to carry out the standardised transect survey
  • carry out at least one, possibly two, transect surveys for LTBs
  • start 8km away, in some forested habitat and end at the SW Centre
  • have a good natter with friends (current or new!)
  • have a record of any bats encountered on the survey route!
Southern short-tailed bats (Mystacina tuberculata). Photo credit: Jake Osborne


There is little point in carrying out the survey if the weather is unsuitable: the insects won't fly and nor will the bats. I can't know this till later on the night unless it is obvious like a storm or similar. I will go anyway and can explain if we have to cancel. The weather is ideal if warm (above 8oC!), calm, dry and the air is full of insects. Strong winds, rain and cold weather will lead to cancelling. Please ask anyone to ring me if unsure: 0223 914 698.

Even if 'warm' absolutely no guarantee of bats and can feel pretty cold so please wear warm clothes and stout footwear.

This event is going to be a walk, drive, walk, drive etc for 8km and is probably not suitable for children though I have done it with very keen teens (& adults) who loved it: then we had bats. Might not be so much fun if we don't get any.

Please let me know if you plan to attend: or 0223 914 698.

Best batty regards