Weeding Expedition, Shag Valley, Pigroot

There is a new covenant that protects remnants of native bush in the Happy Valley tributary of the Shag River at Kinross.

It features old kowhais and cabbage trees, Olearia lineata and many Fuchsia procumbens (photo). The native vine Muehlenbeckia is a smothering threat to the trees and other shrubs. Our mission is to cut back the vine so that it does not drag down the feature trees. A team of ten could achieve this. There are tasks for all abilities.

This activity is part of Dunedin Forest & Bird's Wilding Weed Project.

Bring lunch, boots, hats, gloves and your favourite secateurs or pruners. Dress in old clothes and prepare for all weathers, particularly wind and sun.

Transport provided.

Meet at the Botany Department, 464 Great King St, at 8:00am. Expect to return before 6:00pm.

Text me if you need help to get to Botany Graeme 0211322436 or gloh@earthlight.co.nz