Habitat te Henga: a possible Pateke translocation in 2015?

02 Sep 2013

The start of the beginning ...

With the pateke recovery group having approved the stoat trap array as seemingly being sufficiently robust to protect any future release of pateke, we will start in September to complete the trap lines.

Auckland Council will be organising rat and stoat monitoring and once that is done then trapping can start in earnest.

Pateke, photo Jo Sim

Pateke, photo Jo Sim

Once all traps are being checked at the required regular intervals then applications for a translocation can begin with realistically the earliest possible release being in 2015 after an assessment of the trap catch rate.

The working name of the project, the te Henga Wetland Restoration Project was unwieldy but initially suitable. However, recognising that the wetland, the beach and the lake Wainamu valley are all to have predator control it was decided to name the project “Habitat Te Henga” as te Henga refers to the whole geographic area.

A logo as shown will be used on labels attached to the traps and in various communications or promotions.