Vote for your favourite plant

15 Nov 2010

We’ve had a chance to vote for our favourite native bird in our organisation’s Bird of the Year contest and now there is the chance to support your favourite native plant.

Two time winner - the pohutakawa. Photo: Chris W

Two time winner - the pohutakawa. Photo: Chris W

The New Zealand Plant Conservation Network’s annual poll is underway for
the seventh year, with previous winners including Cook’s scurvy grass and
two-time winner pohutukawa.

Last year pingao, the golden sand sedge, took out the honours.

The Chatham Island forget-me-not was leading a week into November in this
year’s voting.

With more than 2400 native plants in the running, New Zealanders have
plenty of choice beyond the obvious and more traditional options such as the
silver fern.

Previous voting has favoured of charismatic natives such as cabbage
tree, the Chatham Island forget-me-not and the tree nettle.

“There appears to be a growing love for our native plants as more and more
people use them in their gardens and, increasingly, get involved in the
many community or school ecological restoration projects throughout the
country,” said Network President Philipa Crisp.

“We live in one of the world’s most important places for plants, so finding
out what New Zealanders love about their flora is important to help us
conserve it more effectively,” she said.

She pointed out that some plants on the voting list were in danger of
disappearing due to human threat and competition with introduced plants that
outnumber them.

“We hope this voting will help highlight the importance of all of these plants in
our lives,” she said.

Voting is via the website of the Plant Conservation Network www.nzpcn. It closes on Sunday  5th December.