Forest & Bird works in partnership with other environmental organisations, government agencies, businesses and community groups to achieve the best results for conservation.

The major collaborative projects that Forest & Bird is involved in include:

  • Ark in the Park – This joint project between Forest & Bird, Auckland Council, Foundation North and local West Auckland iwi, Te Kawerau aims to restore the wilderness and wildlife of the Waitakere Ranges. More
  • High Country Parks: Forest & Bird joined Federated Mountain Clubs of NZ to advocate for the establishment of high country conservation and recreation parks so that our high country landscapes, native plants and animals can be protected and can continue to be enjoyed by future generations. More
  • Save the Albatross – We work in conjunction with the international organisation BirdLife International to prevent deaths of albatrosses and other seabirds as by-catch in fisheries. More
  • Pacific Islands pest eradication – We work in conjunction with BirdLife International to eradicate pests from Pacific Islands to prevent further deaths of endangered sea-bird species.
  • JS Watson Conservation Trust – Forest & Bird administers the JS Watson Conservation Trust , which sponsors community conservation projects each year.
  • North Island Blue Duck Trust Forest & Bird works with the Department of Conservation to help protect blue duck (whio).
  • Kiwi's for Kiwi – Operation Nest Egg. Forest & Bird works with Kiwi's for Kiwi to help restore kiwi populations. Our Bushy Park predator-proof reserve is a “kiwi crèche” where kiwi hatched under Operation Nest Egg can grow up in safety.
  • Honda TreeFund - For every car purchased Honda plants 10 native trees with individual Honda agents funding a further three trees. Forest & Bird has been actively involved in planting these trees across the country at nationwide planting days and restoration events. 

We welcome new partnerships to support conservation projects. If you are interested in supporting us as a conservation partner, please contact our national office