Canterbury Water Management Strategy Zone Committees

Canterbury Water Management Strategy Zone Committees

The ten Canterbury Water Management Strategy (CWMS) zone committees are an integral part of the strategy, intended to encourage better involvement of local people in local water issues. They comprise community, council and runanga representatives, supported by dedicated council staff. Community representatives are selected, not elected and so the zone committees have almost no executive powers, they can only advocate to the relevant councils. However the selection process is open and quite rigorous with candidates screened for perceived ability to work cooperatively as well as being able to represent a sector of the community having a relevant interest in water (i.e. recreation),  an appropriate background in water issues (i.e. hydrology) or youth etc.

There is a significant time commitment and Community Representatives receive a modest honorarium. As expected, the Zone Committees' local focus leads them in different directions. For instance the Ashburton committee is concerned, among other issues, with irrigation and its effects in that zone while the Christchurch-West Melton committee focuses more on urban river issues and groundwater. The only significant decision making power of a zone committee is through a dedicated fund of $100,000 per year to each committee for "Immediate Steps Bio-diversity" projects.  Individuals or groups may apply for funding and details on how to apply are below.

Website to Immediate Steps funding

The Otukaikino story and images have been posted up as a feature article on DOC's Nature Spaces website.


Kaikoura and Hurunui: Kevin Heays 03 319 603903 319 6039 Based in Kaikoura

Waimakariri: Andrew Arps 027 554 4007027 554 4007 Based in Christchurch/Rangiora

Christchurch West Melton and Banks Peninsula: Helen Greenep 027 225 6419027 225 6419 Based in Christchurch

Selwyn Waihora: Michaela Rees 027 404 1472027 404 1472 Based in Lincoln

Ashburton: Donna Lill 027 839 1539027 839 1539 Based in Ashburton

South Canterbury: Michael Hide 03 687 784103 687 7841 Based in Timaru

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