Top of the South

The Top of the South Island is one of the most biodiversity-rich areas in New Zealand -  stretching from the floristically rich Kaikoura ranges, through to the deep glacial lakes of Nelson Lakes National Park.

Home to many threatened species, such as blue duck, kiwi, long-finned eels, bats, and powelliphanta snails, our projects & campaigns vary across the region. 

Presently, our four regional branches are campaigning vigorously to protect one of our most treasured pieces of conservation estate - Kahurangi National Park - from being mined. 

Numerous hydro developments are targeted on wild rivers in the region, and we are active in protecting the freshwater environments and their inhabitats, such as blue duck, long-finned eels.

On land, have initiated a project to monitor and protect bat populations.

We work in the mountain tops clearing wilding pines, goats and stoats, and in the lowland forests & estuaries we re--plant natives and undertake pest control. 

We are involved in several community working groups to achieve better outcomes for our terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments, including

  • Te Korowai (marine issues on the Kaikoura Coast)
  • Tasman Native Habitats (terrestrial and wetlands)
  • Nelson Biodiversity Strategy (a catchment approach to improving biodiversity).